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Specific Item Shopping

Indulge in a personalized interior design shopping experience with our expert designer. Tailored to your style, we curate the perfect statement piece, ensuring it harmonizes seamlessly with your space, making every detail a reflection of your unique taste.

Are you looking for that "perfect" sofa, bedroom set, dining table, or are you overwhelmed by the many different styles and types, with the many different colors and choices of fabrics and have no idea where to begin?  Start by filling out our design questionnaire, and then let us do the shopping for you!  We can also help you pick out artwork, rugs, and accessories.

Take your design project to the next level.  Our design package will include 3 mood boards with some of your current items.  Then we'll add the selected item so that you can visual the item it your room.  The package also comes with a shopping list for the items with clickable links that will take you to view the item information for comparison and shopping. You'll also receive 2 revisions to your final mood board and selection.

3 mood boards + shopping list + 2 revisions: $125 - additional mood boards $50

Example of a sofa selection project:

Once your online purchase is complete, you'll receive email instructions on how to take measurements and photos of your room.  Please take the Specific Item Questionnaire.  Then your project will be completed and emailed to you within 3-4 business days.

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