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**Cancellation Policy for Vibe Design Studio**

**1. General Policy**

At Vibe Design Studio, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and clients may need to cancel or reschedule appointments or services. To maintain a fair and efficient scheduling system, we have established the following cancellation policy.

**2. Appointment Cancellation**

Clients are required to provide at least 24 hours advance notice for the cancellation or rescheduling of any appointments. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee.

**3. Cancellation Fee**

A cancellation fee of  $50 may be applied to appointments canceled without sufficient notice. This fee is necessary to compensate for the time and resources allocated for the scheduled service.

**4. How to Cancel or Reschedule**

Clients can cancel or reschedule appointments by contacting Vibe Design Studio directly through texting us at 779-770-6276. Please provide your name, appointment details, and reason for cancellation.

**5. Exceptions**

Vibe Design Studio understands that emergencies and unexpected situations may occur. In such cases, we encourage clients to communicate their circumstances directly with us, and we will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

**6. No-Show Policy**

If a client fails to show up for a scheduled appointment without prior notice, a no-show fee of $100 may be charged. This fee compensates for the reserved time and resources that could have been allocated to another client.

**7. Refunds**

Cancellation fees are non-refundable. In cases where a pre-payment has been made for a service, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund, if applicable.

**8. Changes to Appointments**

Clients may request changes to appointments, such as rescheduling or modifying services, subject to availability and the terms outlined in this cancellation policy.

**9. Notification of Changes**

Vibe Design Studio reserves the right to update or modify this cancellation policy as needed. Clients will be notified of any changes through our website, email, or other communication channels.

**10. Contact Information**

For cancellation or rescheduling requests and inquiries, please contact Vibe Design Studio by texting 779-770-6276.

By booking an appointment with Vibe Design Studio, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to our cancellation policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Vibe Design Studio


Last updated: 2/12/2024

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